Ceramics are products made primarily of natural clays and combinations of different mineral admixtures, which when fired can assume a vitreous or stone-like quality. Ceramic products are exceptionally diverse in their purpose, decorative and technical properties, and include a wide variety of products ranging from ceramic tiles to decorative porcelain. Ceramics production consists of the following steps: processing of the raw material, preparation of a plastic ceramic mixture, shaping, drying and firing of the ceramic product. Kaolins are one of key raw materials in the production of ceramics.

The predominant clay mineral in kaolin is kaolinite, which normally results in a considerable quantity of particles less than 0.01 mm, good dispersibility and high plasticity,and a white fired colour.

Unwanted impurities such as iron and titanium oxides, alkalis, calcium and sulphur compounds, can add undesirable coloration to the product, decrease the translucence of ceramic ware and increase the electrical conductivity of porcelain insulators. However the low level of impurities in the Prosyana kaolin makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Prosyana kaolins have properties determining the kaolin mixture mouldability (plasticity, castability, binding power) and the product quality after drying (shrinkage, water yield without forming cracks) and they also have sufficient dry bending strength to ensure flawless firing.

Kaolin for the ceramic industry is refined by means of hydroseparation at the wet enrichment plant (WRP).

WRP products are valuable raw materials for:

  • porcelain and faience;
  • production of ceramic tiles;
  • frit, glaze and engobe;
  • production of sanitary and building ceramic products;
  • production of electrical products;
  • production of refractory products.

In terms of application in different branches of the ceramic industry, the following grades of wet-refined kaolin are singled out:

Characteristics of kaolin ceramic grade

Wet-refined kaolin is shipped in bulk (unpacked) or in big bags. Kaolin is transported by all modes of transport.