Dry mixes are a group of support materials with specialized properties that are used in the management of construction and decoration. Among other properties of these materials emit easy transportation, the stability of the mixture, highair conductivity. In addition, the use of dry mixes do not pollute the air and water, that is, they do not emit into the environment of harmful chemicals.

Scope of dry mixes is wide enough: they are used for leveling and surfacing, seal small defects, cracks, scratches. Mixtures are used in the performance and decorative tiling, or if it comes to creating systems of external insulation of buildings. In addition, they can become the basis for the adhesive, tile or hardwood floor. These types of mixtures, as plaster and putty, in turn, is used as the basis for wallpaper, filler and primer - for paint, etc.

UMIN offers the following types of dry mixes:

•  for cause;
•  for joints;
•  waterproofing;
•  decorative;
•  fillers;
•  sand-concrete.