Dry enrichment of kaolin ore is performed at the air float plant (AFP).

Air floating results in a finished product without the use of chemicals, which makes it possible to use it in many industries, namely for:

  • the production of general rubber goods, plastic articles, artificial leathers and synthetic tissues;
  • the production of electrotechnical silumin;
  • the glass industry;
  • the production of glass fibre;
  • the production of cosmetics.

The production capacity is 90,000 t per year.

The moisture content of the air floated kaolin products is 0.7-1.0%.

In terms of application in different industries, the following grades of air floated kaolin are singled out at the air float plant:

Characteristics of kaolin fiberglass grade

Air floated kaolin is transported to customers by all modes of transport in bulk (unpacked, in tank cars or hoppers) or packed in paper sacks and big bags.