At UMIN we believe that it is possible to obtain the natural resources the world needs while also protecting people and the environment. We believe the answer lies in three uncompromising pursuits: exceptional technology, rigorous standards and an unwavering commitment to best-practice safety procedures.

UMIN is committed to conducting business in a manner that is compatible with the environmental and economic needs of the communities in which we operate, and that protects the safety, security, and health of our employees, those involved with our operations, our customers, and the public.

As a company that makes intensive use of raw materials, we regard climate protection and the securing of resources as the foundation of our future development. With efficient production processes and the increasing use of alternative fuels and raw materials, we make an important contribution to protecting our climate.

Group-wide standards for environmental protection and occupational health and safety help us to ensure that our ambitious goals are implemented worldwide. The quarries and the sand and aggregates pits from which we extract our raw materials are returned to a natural state or put to agricultural use. We are increasingly opting for renaturation, thus helping to preserve biological and species diversity.

Natural resources are the basis of our economic activity. Climate protection, conserving resources, reducing emissions and minimising environmental impacts on our quarrying and production sites are our objectives in environmental protection.