UMIN - Ukraine Minerals is a company with the principal activity in extraction, processing and marketing of industrial minerals: mineral sands, kaolin, silica sand and crashed granite, concrete. Also the UMIN is involved in the sectors of railcar manufacturing.

UMIN Main Enterprises:

  • Prosco Resources belongs to 15 world’s largest kaolin producers (about 200 000 tons of minerals in 2012), it has one of the largest and most high-quality resource base of the kaolin ore in Europe.  
  • Colour Metals is Ukrainian privately owned producer of the titanium minerals (about 500 000 tons of minerals in 2012), one of the largest supplier of the quartz raw for casting and glass industry.  
  • Lyubimovskiy quarry is the producer crashed granite (about 750 000 tons in 2012). It includes reserves and production facilities of both Lyubimovskiy and Chaplinskiy quarries with maximum annual quarrying 1 000 000 ton per year.  
  • Dneprbeton is a producer of ready-mixed concrete and ferroconcrete (about 20 000 m3 in 2012). It is one of the leaders in Dnepropetrovsk region on above mentioned produce sale.  
  • Transmash is a large railcar manufacturing enterprise that produces railcars and dump cars for mining and metallurgical industries (about 1000 units in 2012).